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Wednesday 15th January 2020:
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15 January 15:00

Organized by Nomisma and Spin Life – University of Padova

Conference Room Hall 28 (Satellite Hall)



Environmental sustainability: a key driver of FMCG companies' strategies, with packaging as a key lever.
For the consumer, the attractiveness of a product is also changing depending on the packaging materials. What are the tools that can be used to assess shelf sustainability? How are Retail, Industry & Packaging interpreting - in different ways - the new challenges of a changing scenario?
These are the topics at the centre of the analysis of the Nomisma-SpinLife FMCG Packaging Observatory and the debate that will follow with the main players in the retail chain.




  •  THE CONSUMER: what kind of sustainability he wants and what he is willing to pay for   

          Silvia ZUCCONI  Head of Market Intelligence NOMISMA


  • INSTRUMENTS FOR PACKAGING SUSTAINABILITY: how to measure and how      sustainability can become a competitive advantage for retailers

         Alessandro MANZARDO  Co-Founder SPINLIFE University Padova




  • Industry for MDD: the balance between environmental choices and competitiveness

          Stanislao FABBRINO  President FRUTTAGEL


  •  Retail: how to design a more sustainable shelf for MDD

           Luciano VILLANI |COOP Packaging Manager


  • Packaging industry: a changing world - environmental impact, recycling and renewable             energy sources

          Francesco FAELLA  President TETRA PAK



        Moderator: Armando GAROSCI - Largo Consumo